Radiant Revitalizing Serum by Leyos

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I must admit: I loved Leyos from the jump. I met the brand’s founder, Monika, at this year’s Indie Beauty Expo Los Angeles. I was drawn not only to her incredible line, but to her brand’s ethos: eco luxury skincare. Sounds right up my alley, right? Monika’s Radiant Revitalizing Serum is absolutely eco friendly, the serum-embodiment of luxury and truly wonderful skincare, and I cannot wait to tell you more.

This serum is, in a word, divine. I was hooked from the first sniff (which is always my first move when trying new skincare). I am very sensitive to artificial fragrances, but love the scent of essential oils. Leyos’ refreshing blend of geranium and green tea had me hooked.

And the Radiant Revitalizing Serum gets even better when applied. I love how lightweight it is, and how quickly it absorbs into my skin. It actually felt like my skin was drinking it up.

The formulation on this product is incredible. Antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn seed oil, collagen-boosting green tea seed oil and skin rejuvenating pomegranate seed oil come together in this gorgeous bottle (have I mentioned how sleek the packaging is, yet?). Radiant Revitalizing Serum also includes red raspberry and mangosteen oils for hydration, firming and protection.

Here’s how I used it:

  • In the morning, I’d apply 3-4 drops to freshly washed skin as the first step in my skincare ritual. After about 5 minutes, my skin was ready for sun protection and makeup. I’ll also add that Leyos Radiant is a great product for going au natural – my skin felt so dewy and gloomy that I felt totally confident going out with just serum on my face (obviously not in sunlight, otherwise I would’ve included an SPF).
  • In the evenings, I used Leyos Radiant Revitalizing Serum after my double cleanse. It felt so good to nourish my skin with this serum at the end of the day. 3-4 drops on my face, and 1-2 on my neck and decoleté.

In short, it’s wonderful, and I highly recommend. It’s a workhorse of a serum, that leaves your skin feeling utterly pampered, and radiant.