O+Lait Cleanser by CyberDERM

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I LOVE a good cleanser, because I really believe cleansing is the foundation of great skincare. It doesn’t matter how clean your makeup is, or how expensive that serum is, if your skin isn’t clean and primed for the day. From wrinkles to congested pores, it always comes back to your cleanser, friends. I’m also a big fan of the double cleanse, because, as a makeup wearer, I know how awful it is to a) go to bed with your makeup on (come on, friends, we’re better than that) and b) how hard it is to remove all your makeup without getting in the shower. But, finally, I have the miracle cleanser of my dreams: O+Lait by CyberDERM is the Step 1 double-cleanser that does the work of Step 1 and 2. Let me tell you more.

Anyone who has ever tried to wash their face in the sink knows it’s kind of a losing game. Water is, unquestionably, going to get everywhere. You’re going to end up with suds in the baby hairs around your face, no matter how cute your headband is. When you wipe your face on the towel, we know there’s going to be makeup residue. Call me crazy, but the cleanest my skin gets is right out of the shower, where I have the water pressure, unbridled scrubbing, and room to really clean my face.

Thank goodness O+Lait by CyberDERM proved me wrong. It starts with the cleanser in your palm. The viscosity (yup, science word!) is out of the world. O+Lait by CyberDERM starts as a rather thick gel cleanser. Two pumps into your dry hands and straight into a dry face it goes. I LOVE the feeling of this cleanser as I work it onto my dry skin. Think honey (minus the sticky) meets serum (because it feels so moisturizing) meets cleanser (because your makeup instantly comes away from your face). This includes mascara, the most stubborn of all products to remove. I usually massage this product into dry skin for about a minute because it feels amazing and because I can tell it’s working!

Then, it’s time for the magic. You see, O+Lait by CyberDERM is actually a milk cleanser. It goes from gel to emulsified just by adding the littlest bit of water. A quick run under the sink and it’s like you have a new product on your skin! O+Lait goes from think to thin, working the dirt and grime away from your face like … well … magic!

It rinses off easily (no residue), and guess what: your towel is completely clean after drying. And the best part: I often stop my “double cleanse” after Step 1 using this product. My skin feels clean, supple, moisturized and ready for product. Plus I know the makeup is gone.

Perfect for every skin type, wonderful in the morning or evening. I truly cannot say enough about the magic of this product!! And here’s one more piece of good news: Use the code SOPHIE20 for 20% off any purchase!