Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist by Marie Veronique

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Restore balance, brighten and nourish your skin with the amazing Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist by Marie Veronique.

I am totally obsessed with this mist – Its formulate is fortified with micronutrients that feed the flora and fauna on your skin (that’s right, your microbiome exists on your skin too) while balancing skin tone and pH. It is simply divine.

Roll with me for a second: Think of your skin as an ecosystem – You need to feed and nourish that ecosystem for all of its inhabitants to be healthy and happy. The same goes for your microbiome! And as a pre + probiotic mist, this product is perfect to balance and nourish.

So, here’s how I use this product: After cleansing, using a serum, and moisturizing, I’ll spritz my face with this mist to show my skin even more TLC. Once the mist dries, I’ll apply and SPF and move onto my makeup routine! I’ll even keep this mist with me throughout the day for a quick refresh!