Nourishing Vegan Color by SPARITUAL

Nourishing Vegan Color by SPARITUAL

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I hate it admit it, but I was hooked on gel manicures for a while. I loved how “strong” my nails felt, I loved that the color lasted for weeks. I HATED the process (particularly the removal). I hated that my nails felt ravaged afterwards (so much so that I was usually rushing back to the salon for another manicure to “preserve” my nails … it was a vicious cycle). And I hated how long it took to break the habit. Thank goodness for Nourishing Vegan Color by SPARITUAL.

You’ve probably heard or 5- or 7-free polishes. These are polishes that are made without the most toxic chemicals. Nourishing Vegan Color by SPARITUAL is 13-free. Yup, this is one insanely healthy nail care product.

Nourishing Vegan Color by SPARITUAL is a one-step process – no need for a base- or top-coat! And, as someone who has struggled (putting it lightly) with at-home nail care in the past, I have to admit that SPARITUAL’s color goes on SO smoothly, even applying feels divine. And the color lasts! This is not some 24-hours later you need to reapply business. I went seven days without needing a touch-up, and that’s with the frequent hand-washing we’re doing these days.

I’ve saved so much with my at-home treatments thanks to SPARITUAL, and frankly, my nails look even better than before (no harsh chemicals or dodgy tools, thank you very much). My favorite colors these days are State of Bliss, Delve Deeper, and Present, but with 54 healthy, beauty shades to choose from,  healthy options, you really can’t go wrong with SPARITUAL.