Citrus & Cardamom Hand Serum by SPARITUAL

Citrus & Cardamom Hand Serum by SPARITUAL

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Show of (unmanicured) hands: who misses a trip to the nail salon these days? Not me! Because I have created the perfect at-home nail care kit courtesy of SPARITUAL. It starts with a hand scrub (I love SPARITUAL’s Body Polish, or I make my own), and is followed by the Citrus & Cardamom Hand Serum by SPARITUAL. This serum is out of this world: formulated with pumpkin fruit extract, licorice root, and Swiss apple stem cells, this ultra-light, super-absorbent serum deeply nourishes tired hands to repair damaged skin and slow signs of aging (YES! An anti-aging treatment for your hands). 

SPARITUAL is all about slow beauty, which is one of my favorite phrases in the wellness space because it is SO accurate. I don’t want a quick fix, I want a healthy, holistic practice that will extend my natural beauty well into the future. The ingredients in this hand serum embody this practice – Apple stem cells provide a protective layer against UV damage (preventing future signs of aging), licorice root protects from environmental damage, pumpkin fruit extract prompts cell turn over – all three contribute to not only prevent signs of aging (yess!) but work to undo existing signs. 

And the smell is heavenly. Citrus and cardamom come together for a bright, warm scent that fuels without overwhelming. I love using this serum for an aromatherapy moment when I need to restore and elevate! 

I use the serum over freshly cleaned or scrubbed hands by massaging it into my hands (front and back!). This serum is light, no greasy, and perfect for all skin types.