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New Summer Beauty Finds 2018

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I love to collate all my latest Summer beauty essentials for you, and it was especially fun this month because I joined forces with Suzanne Hall from Chalkboard Mag to discuss some of our favorites. Suzanne is a beauty/wellness editor, so it was a blast to compare our latest finds. Suzanne and I have done a little You Tube series of videos, so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so that you don’t miss out.

Here’s what we love:-

Sophie’s Top Pick  –  PureCeuticals Advanced Anti-aging Duo is nothing short of a miracle combo for those of us who really need a little help in the deep wrinkle department. I am beyond impressed by these two products, which are packed with powerful firming and lifting peptides. Founder and formulator, Marlene Weber know a thing or two about how to transform the skin of her Santa Monica clients (who are obsessed with her as their “little known secret!”) Marlene is kindly offering my community 15% off any products in her store (get everything!) + FREE shipping. Just use the coupon code SOPHIE15

Suzanne’s Top Pick Allies of Skin Molecular Savior Mist. Apparently a few spritzes of this unique mist is all you need – Suzanne tried it solo (with no other product for 2 days and said her skin felt amaaaaaaazing. It contains colloidal silver which helps tamp down inflammation, and healing oils.

Sophie’s Luxury Pick – I had to go with Loli Beauty’s Plum Elixir for the Summer! It’s so deeply hydrating and nourishing. It’s the equivalent of the most beautiful organic, raw, fresh food that you would eat – but in terms of skin care. I also love that Loli Beauty is sustainable, and sources really unusual oils. This is little gem of an oil can be used for skin, hair, and even cuticles. A little goes a long way.

Suzanne’s Luxury PickThe Alitura Face Mask is a done deal for Suzanne when she wants to give her skin a deluxe purifying treatment. She swears by this for glowy skin (and she totally does have glowy skin!!).

Sophie’s Must-try is a new cleanser from brightening cleanser from KPS which brightens skin, helps with pigmentation and gently exfoliates. I like to use it every morning. You can get 10% off any KPS product by using the coupon code SOPHIE10

Suzanne’s Must-Try is Astaxanthin, a formula, which supports skin, joint and eye health. She swears is made her skin way better and more even in terms of tanning because it helps protect you from UV damage. It comes from Hawaiian fresh water ponds and is an algae.

Sophie’s Summer Essential is the Weightless Volumizing Hair Serum by Bogavia. It’s unlike any serum I’ve tried because it’s not oily or greasy. It doesn’t even contain silicone, but it does deals with Summertime frizz beautifully. So perfect when it’s humid out.

Suzanne’s Summer Essential is UVO Skin Enhancing Multivitamin drink because it helps protect your skin from the inside out. It was created by a dermatologist, who wanted to help his patients have even more protection that they were getting from topical sunblocks.

And finally, we’re both in love with: Eleve Lip Pop in Chicago – literally the perfect texture and shade for everyone for the Summer. And last but not least the Skin Gym gemstone facial roller, which is great for driving your beautiful serums into your skin, while massaging it, increasing circulation, and cooling puffiness (if you put it in the fridge prior to using).




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