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OMG – it’s rare that I come across a product that totally wows me, but now I have! It’s not beauty, it’s not food, it’s LAUNDRY DETERGENT! I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that I’ve jumped up and down with excitement about laundry detergent. MyGreenFills came into my life a few months ago, and I was so taken by the whole thing that I invited them to come to my recent conference in Los Angeles. I wanted so badly so spread the word. And for those of you who couldn’t make it, listen up…

First off, MyGreenFills is a safe, non-toxic laundry detergent that can outperform your current brand. Okay, we’ve heard that old chestnut, I know (but it really does!). However, there is more…much more: Your non-toxic laundry products are delivered straight to your front door in small reusable packets, on schedule, so you never have to run out again.

Here’s how it works: You choose your laundry kit (I recommend the Change Maker because it includes all the laundry cleaning essentials such as stain sticks, enzyme removers etc), you choose either the signature non-toxic scent (Looooooove), or unscented, and you are good to go. You will receive you kit with 2 large jugs, refill packets, stain sticks etc – basically everything you need to get started. And the BEST thing is that these plastic jugs are the only jugs you’re ever going to need. This, my friends, is how we keep plastic out of the landfill. After I got my jugs (I know!!!!!), I simply refill them by pouring a small pouch of the powder into the jug, filling up with hot water, shaking, and now BINGO – I have a brand new jug of laundry detergent. You do the same with the laundry rinse. I have to say I never used a laundry rinse before MyGreenFills entered my life. But now I do! I actually look forward to doing my laundry now – no kidding.

You can modify or change your order easily if you need more or less of a certain product – so if you have family coming back into town, or if you know you’re away for the Summer etc, just hop on the website and make your changes.

One of my absolute favorite things that comes in some of the kits are the Dryer Angels. They are made by members of a deaf community in Jamaica, and they make your dryer and final laundry smell so divine – can’t even.

So, to sum up advantages:

1. No more lugging huge jugs of laundry detergent back from the store.

2. Non-toxic, sweet-smelling laundry products (soup-t0-nuts).

3. No worry about suddenly running out of products

4. You are taking care of the planet by not washing toxic chemicals into the water system.

5. You are taking care of your body by not having toxic laundry product residues sit on your skin via your clothes, sheets, and towels.

6. You are keeping plastic out of the landfill. And trust me, this is more important than ever before as China (where we ship most of our recyclables) doesn’t want our trash anymore!

I hope you consider giving MyGreenFills a try. I honestly think that like me, you’ll be hooked for life.

Click below to get 50 loads of laundry soap free (just need to cover $7.99 in shipping).

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