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L-R_ProColor_Silkening (2)Looking for a hair care product is that is UBER natural (and when I say “natural”, I mean minus ALL the nasties), and one that works like a charm in terms of repairing damaged hair, you might want to try Natu hair care products. They kindly sent them to me to try a few weeks ago, and I have been so busy that I only just got around to using them last week. Now first let me explain that I am very particular about hair products because I have to wash my hair almost everyday because of being on TV – this and the abuse from hot styling tools is a bit scary, especially because I’ve got long hair – and nothing looks worse than damaged, blonde long hair. So I nervously took the plunge with Natu shampoo and conditioner, hoping that my hair wouldn’t feel like wire wool when I tried to comb it out. To my utter surprise it felt amazing, and the wide-tooth comb which normally takes a bit of jiggling to get through the tangles, slid right through. Happy so far, but what really got me was their Silkening Mist, which really did transform my somewhat course/dry hair into the silky mane that I dream of.

Hurrah – one of the few utterly natural brands that works as well as the ones loaded with unhealthy chemicals!

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