MV Skincare

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Stores in the UK can barely keep their supplies MV Skin Care in stock. It’s won plenty of natural beauty awards and is up my street for sure! Let’s talk about their signature Mineral Mask: It comes with a stainless steel mixing bowl and brush so you feel like you’re in a spa! It’s gentle enough for really sensitive skin, but effective enough for anyone who suffers from acne or frequent breakouts.

The gentle cream cleanser if perfect for all skin types, but particularly if you are very sensitive. My skin felt silky smooth after using it, and it smells lovely.

But my all-time favorite MV Skin Care product is the Rose Plus skin booster serum. It smells absolutely divine, and is perfect for hormonal (hello!) skin.

The entire line was originally created for people who are very sensitive, and/or have Rosacea, but it became so popular that there’s now a product for every skin type.

One of Sophie’s Picks for sure!



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