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I’m rather liking this new brand that came my way called Madara Eco Cosmetics. This is a certified organic line (ECOCERT certified,) which uses flowers and herb extracts from the Baltic region – interesting. The first product that really took my fancy was the regenerating lip balm, which is so thick that it really stays on – it also smells beautiful. The body lotions and face creams feel lovely – and I’m liking the ingredients in the products I’ve tried so far.

I’ll keep you posted on their other products when I get a chance to review them. I’m particularly interested in their hair care products, so I’ll let you know. So far – thumbs up for Madara!

2 thoughts on “MADARA”

  1. Sophie, I had a feeling when I saw the name that these were my countrymen–from Latvia, and it turns out they are indeed! Thanks for introducing me to some great products that support my people AND satisfy my wish to keep myself green.

  2. The founder of Madara sent me this to pass on:
    “I am not sure if I told you that in Latvia, names are extremely special – so much so, they practice ‘name day’ which is basically a second birthday in the year! MADARA is a popular women’s name, so MARA knew right away that MADARA was likely Latvian.

    In our day planners, we have inspirational quotes to motivate us- in Latvian planners, they have a list each day of whose name they are to celebrate that day. Names are more popular in a traditional way, unlike America where we strive to find unique names or spellings for our children. Each day in the planner holds a complete list and everyone with the shared name is held in regard and celebration with everyone else of the same name on the same day. It’s another example of how Latvians hold friends and family close and offers the opportunity for them to show love and appreciation for others.”

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