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makeupPut me in a large store surrounded by make-up and I’m truly like a child in a candy store. Armed with my eco-knowledge, however, has put a bit of a dampener on the beauty store experience to say the least of things. Now that I understand what goes into all of these beautifully packaged preparations, the choice has narrowed down considerably. The Good news is that the quality and effectiveness of some of the new eco-products is actually better than what I used in my former non-green life.
On a window shopping expedition with a girlfriend recently, we dropped into Sephora to see what they had. After being almost knocked sideways by the smell of synthetic perfume after entering the store, I made my way straight to the “natural” section and on the way a rather gorgeous display caught my eye. Ah ha! Plant Love by Cargo – the innovative company that came out with the first truly eco-lipstick a few years back, now has an entire Plant Love cosmetic collection. The packaging is probably the most eco-friendly on the market and can only be described as sort of 70’s “love child” adorable. What really blew me away is the quality of these products. makeup2I snapped up the Green Goddess Collection” palate, containing 4 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. All of the Plant Love collection carry the prestigious Ecocert certification and contain no synthetic dyes, color or fragrance, but the kicker is how well they work – the 4 stunning colors brush on like easily and feel like satin.
The bamboo/beech color palate of this collection will work for most everyone. I also picked up a pressed powder, as the compact is so darn cute! I might have to gift a few of my closest girlfriends with a little Valentine pick-me-up this year. You can find the entire selection at most Sephora stores.

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