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I am really digging this wonderful creme to powder bronzing due from Hourglass Cosmetics. These are high-performance cosmetics, which are fully on their way to being completely eco & human-friendly! This wonderful duo goes on really easily – you just apply a little to the top of your index finger, dot on cheeks & forehead and smooth to blend. Unlike many similar products, which add too much color and are difficult to blend, this due has a creamy and very light texture, which I love.



  1. Hi Sophie, I saw the Hourglass cosmetics at Sephora. What do you think about their Veil foundation and their mascara’s? They were trying to sell it on me as natural. I’m slowly getting into using all natural cosmetics.

    1. I actually really like some of them. Some of their products don’t contain the chemicals that I like to avoid. The mineral Veil foundation is nice, but it’s a thick foundation with a heavy coverage if that’s what you are after. I like their tinted moisturizer b/c it’s thick enough to use as a regular foundation. Mascaras are great.

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