Christopher Drummond

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Christopher Drummond Beauty is one of my favorite natural mineral makeup brands, in fact their Veludo foundation was the winner in my Gorgeously Green Beauty Awards 2012. They use the most all natural, organic, paraben-free, vegan-approved formulas in every product they make, and their line of face products are especially divine. I recently got my hands on a bottle of the revitalizing facial serum, and now I never want to let go. This light gel goes a long way, packed with vitamins A, B, C and E and ibodene and alpha lipoic acid to fight the signs of aging. Squirt out a bit the size of a dime and rub the gel onto your face with two fingers in a light, upward, circular motion to fight the force of gravity. I love that the gel absorbs quickly and completely and leaves the skin soothed from the rose, aloe, and organic fruit extracts. I like to use it in the morning as a primer before I put on foundation, but you can use it on bare skin or in the evenings of course as well.

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