Better Skin Science Overnight AlphaRet Cream

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Better Skin Science Overnight AlphaRet Cream is a breakthrough anti-aging facial cream, which might be of interest to anyone who has been a little nervous about using Retinol. Retinoids can come with some rather annoying side effects, which can last for weeks. These effects can include dry patches, scaling, redness, and general irritation. But Retinoids play an important part in our anti-aging skin care routine because they kick collagen production up a SERIOUS notch, and thereby thicken skin. Yep – it’s really annoying that facial skin does thin as we age. So if we want juicier, plumper skin, a retinoid should be part of our regimen. A prescription strength retinoid will also dramatically soften wrinkles and help with discoloration.

The Overnight AlphaRet Cream is a pretty genius combo of a non-irritating retinoid and glycolic acid, which not only does the prescription-strength retinoid thing, but which also handles the deep and daily un-glueing of dead skin cells. Up until this cutting-edge formula hit the market, it was believed that you couldn’t mix glycolic acid with a retinoid – a strange chemical reaction could occur! But, these guys have figured out a way to mix them up in a special formula, and make them work beautifully together. This is seriously breakthrough because it cuts down on fiddling around with different bottles and jars. You have one bottle, brimming with all the hard-hitting anti-aging ingredients you need to see measurable results.

It’s a silky, white cream, which goes on easily, and is instantly absorbed. They recommend you follow with the Rejuvenate Smoothing Daily Cream, which contains peptides for instant lifting, and polyphenols to combat free-radicals.

There is an intensive AlphaRet, but I recommend you begin with the regular one.

The first product you apply after cleansing, is your Overnight AlphaRet cream. Then you can apply a moisturizer if you choose.

Tip: You MUST  be even more vigilant about using sun block once you start using a retinoid because it can make your skin more sun-sensitive. Use a mineral sun block as part of your morning routine, and top up every couple of hours with a good powder sun block, such as Jane Iredale’s Powder Me SPF Dry Sunscreen

The products are free of parabens, fragrance, and they are also cruelty-free.

I’m not gonna lie, they are not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for when it comes to clinical skin care – that’s to say skin care where you will get measurable results. And, a little goes a long way with Better Skin Products. You don’t need to drown yourself in them to get really good results.You will need to buy them from a professional or specialized physician, so pop your zip code in the “where to buy” locator, and you can find out where to go.

Is it worth the price and schlepping to somewhere new to find these products? If you want to kick your regime up and notch, I would say YES!

But, also keep in mind, that when it comes to a “green” beauty product, Skin Better Science sits nearer the light green end of the spectrum. If you are more comfortable with cold-pressed plant oils, botanicals, and bio-retinoids, which are very gentle on the skin, read the many hundreds of reviews and recommendations I have for these kinds of products.