Nice Rice

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istock_000007236588xsmallI love rice – almost all kinds, with Basmati coming in as a firm favorite. Because it’s such a staple in our house, I make sure that I always buy it organic because rice happens to be a very heavily pesticide-laden crop. For the G.G. girl, I recommend buying organic rice in bulk so you can save a few pennies. If you have a Whole Foods near you, you’re in good shape as their organic bulk bins are great value. One of my favorite brands is Lundberg Family Farms. I actually met the owner this weekend at Expo West Natural Foods convention. He is a great guy who is continuing the third generation of a family business that respects and nurtures the environment. I love that their rice is local (U.S.) and it’s delicious. Lundberg rice chips take a chip to a whole new level of salty, crunchiness. Eaten with a garlicky humus or  white bean dip is heaven.

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