Meditate For Your Heart

Meditate for your heart
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Meditate for your heart (literally!), because numerous scientifically cited studies have found that TM meditation not only decreases the mortality rate of those with cardiovascular disease, but may also significantly help a number of other health issues: hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and high cortisol levels. And the cherry on top is that TM meditation makes you feel 100% better.

Another study found TM meditation to be significantly beneficial for those who were seriously stressed out, burned out, and/or depressed. Perhaps this was one of the reasons that I learned TM meditation in my early twenties. I was in an unhappy relationship, had terrible stage fright (as an actress), and had a borderline eating disorder. I started to read books on meditation, which I found at the yoga school that I had started to attend. The yoga books fascinated me because it was my first glimpse into understanding the power of the mind, and that I might be able to control it, rather than have it control me.

I then read Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, where he talks in depth about TM mediation and its many benefits. I was convinced. The course was expensive, actually prohibitive for a penniless drama school student, so my father helped me out. I went along for the 4 sessions and was relieved that I didn’t have to believe in anything weird, and that the philosophy was inclusive of every religion and belief.

I was delighted to find that TM was simply a tool, which allowed me to literally transcend the thoughts that were stressing me out. It also fascinated me that once in my meditation, I literally felt my heart rate decrease until it was almost imperceptible. And then I found myself going in and out of moments of non-thought, where I glimpsed or FELT utter peace.

My father is turning ninety one this year. Thank God he is in pretty good health. Probably because he has taken care of himself. He exercises every single day, and he absolutely believes this is the key to physical health. However, he started to wake up a lot at night. So, I gifted him (pay back time), the gift of a TM meditation course. He began in December and has been doing it religiously twice a day for twenty minutes ever since. He LOVES it! He sleeps all through the night now. And even better, his heart, which at ninety one is bound to be somewhat frail, will be better protected. If I could give everyone the gift of meditation I really would.

So, if you have heart disease in your family, or high blood pressure, or type 2 diabetes, consider learning to meditate. Moreover, if you are feeling stressed out, and burned out, you might want to gift yourself. I would be in a home for the bewildered if I didn’t meditate! With my crazy work life, teenage daughter, and everything else going on in my life – I’d be in mental trouble for sure. It’s truly my saving grace that in the middle of the daily chaos I have the choice to get still. And I’ve discovered that the ultimate gift of meditation is that it’s only when I get still (mentally and emotionally) – it’s ONLY when I get still, that I have a chance of hearing the truth. My truth.

There are lots of schools of meditation, some free and some very expensive. I recommend trying whatever you are drawn to. But TM was the one that I chose because of the scientific studies backing it up.

Oh, and lastly, the awesome thing about TM is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. I’ve done my meditation in the car, on a plane, in a waiting room. The other day I was at the hair salon, and I went to find a quiet spot in a changing cubicle while my color was processing – came out feeling like a new women, dark roots gone and all!

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