Leg & Butt Lift Home Workout For Women Over 50

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This leg, butt and thigh home workout for women over 50 is a perfect 10-minute fitness routine for even a beginner. We show you how to slim down your hips and thighs, and how to tone your gluts for a beautiful body.

Here’s the At Home Belly Blast workout that I recommend practicing daily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQTg7iFMPcY

Here’s the tension bands that I use. They come is a pack of different strengths, which is great because you will quickly move from light to heavy! https://amzn.to/363m586

Chrissy Lundgren is a fantastic trainer who has just launched her own digital program. I think you’re going to love her programs. Check them out! https://biofitbody.com/

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