Hello Gorgeous Retreat Palm Springs!

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Coming back from the Hello Gorgeous Retreat Miami (back in January) was a heady experience! I think that Melina & Katharine (who both run the retreat with me), and all our attendees, came away with so much more than any of us anticipated. It was special. I can’t put my finger on exactly why … but we all felt it, deep down, in that place where change ultimately has to occur.

The biggest compliment from one of our most discerning attendees, was that we “under-promised, and over-delivered.” And that was my exact intention, and will always be my intention. I have attended too many retreats, spa weekends, and mini vacations that over promise and under deliver, and I do not like to be disappointed…even in the slightest. So when we started planning this first retreat, I knew the journey that I wanted to take our girls on. I knew ahead of time (because we do our research), that almost all of our sign-ups had similar issues: They were tired, burned-out, put themselves last on their do-to lists, and wanted to be healthier…and of course, happier.

I also knew that a simple yoga retreat, juice cleanse, or spa weekend wouldn’t do the trick for any of these women. Why? Because it’s never done the trick for me, at least not long term. I knew that the calm after coming home from a yoga retreat would usually be obliterated within 2 days. Much like the success of an extreme weight-loss diet would be completely reversed inside of a few months (with damage to boot). So my mission was, and is, to create a retreat where the important mind, body, and spirit work can take place.

But that’s not all. You see, I’m only with retreat attendees for 4 days. And, so my goal is to find a way to pack everything that I have learned about becoming healthier and happier into this short time-frame. I want to give you everything that I know…everything that I have spent the last decade discovering…the daily wellness actions that work long term for almost everybody.

Here’s how it works, and how it will work for Hello Gorgeous Palm Springs (yay!!!!!!!): A stunning location. Katharine (my retreat director), and I spent 3 months actually visiting the different resorts on our shortlist. We wanted affordable luxury, which we found. But most importantly, we wanted a very special vibe. The resort had to have a healing energy in and around it (which isn’t easy to find) – but we found it! The Miami retreat had the glorious beach, but this time around we wanted to go deeper with the healing thing – so we turned to the desert. I’ve always found Palm Springs to be softy and deeply healing. I know it’s become ever so hip in the last few years, but we’re not doing the trendy resort where you have to rock the right purse and sun hat – NO WAY!!!! We’re taking you somewhere where you can hang in your lazy linen pants or yoga gear and feel that no one’s judging you. So, after visiting close to 15 resorts, we settled on The Miramonte Resort & Spa. It’s a little-known gem.

The resort needed to offer delicious food, and create a diverse menu to suit all preferences. My retreats aren’t going to deprive you. On the contrary, I want to show you how filling and delicious a whole food plant-based diet can be. We wanted large, airy and peaceful rooms, where you can hang out and fill your Hello Gorgeous notebook full of inspirations and ideas. We wanted gorgeous walkways where you can breathe in the healing energy, and/or meditate. We wanted a unique spa. Not your cookie-cutter, in-and- out massage for two hundred bucks kind of deal. No, we wanted something special to offer you, and we found it in The Well Spa, which is managed by a very special spa director, Stephanie. Stephanie understands healing from a deeply personal perspective, and thus will be working with us (and you), to create unique Gorgeously Green treatments.

This time around, we intend to pack your schedules with life-changing workshops, classes, and experiences. We factored in a bit of down time in Miami, but the feedback was that the girls wanted MORE of what we had to offer. From sound bath yoga & soul astrology to vegan cooking classes, your time will be VERY well spent.

But ultimately, aside from all the fun stuff (mega beauty bags included), we take you on a deep dive over the few days we have you. You’ll be given a big workbook, a notebook, and a good writing pen because we want you to dig deep to find the answers and solutions to the issues that we all share. And, believe it or not, you do have the answers…we just guide you to access them. I want you back in your car or your airplane seat after your time with us, having a crystal clear idea of exactly how you’re going to reach your every wellness goals. My overarching intent to empower you with the tools you need to become the absolute best version of you.

As my wonderful co-host, Melina, says, “We want you to love being YOU”. Most of us carry around way too much shame because we’ve lived with self-punishing thoughts for way too long. You might not think you talk badly to yourself, but we know you do (on some level). So, we invite you to come along to the balmy warmth of the desert, shed you cares and self-limiting beliefs, and learn (while having a TOTAL laugh), how to become the woman that you always dreamed you could be.



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