Dying To Be Me!

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I met Anita Moorjani at the Hay House “I Can Do It” conference way back in February, where we were both speaking. We hung out in the green room together for a couple of hours, which was enough time for me to realize I was in the presence of someone incredible.

I’m not going to explain her whole story here, but in short, she was dying of cancer, had a near death experience, came out of a coma, and her cancer was pretty much gone. She believes she came back because she had something to teach the world. Now, if all this sounds like new agey nonsense, or not real, you just have to get to know Anita. She is the most down-to-Earth, hilarious and REAL person ever. We hung out, chatting and laughing with her husband, sipping paper cups of tea, and she recounted her story to me. She didn’t know that I am a little wary about stories of miraculous remissions (I don’t like to give people false hope) however, her experience is so compelling that it deeply affected me. This is why I wanted to bring her story to you.

So today, I invite you to register for The Hay House Summit (free to register), and listen to Anita’s interview. We will be discussing on Saturday morning during my Hay House Summit “book club” live stream on Facebook at 9a PST.

Can’t wait for you to check Anti Moorjani out by listening to her interview, and then come and then join me on Facebook on Saturday to let me know what you think.

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