DIY Moroccan Hair Oil

DIY Moroccan Hair Oil
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Moroccan Hair Oil has had such a cult following over the past few years, but is it actually made of ? And is there a better alternative? Yes there most truly is! My DIY Moroccan Hair Oil is way better than the over-priced, toxin-laden goop that you can find at most beauty supply stores. Trust me on this one, and save your money.

So what are the ingredients in the popular Moroccan Oil?

 Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, butylphenyl methylpropional, argania spinoza kernel oil, linseed extract, fragrance supplement, D&C Yellow-11, D&C Red-17, coumarin, benzyl benzoate and alpha-isomethyl ionone.

The first 3 ingredients are synthetic silicone polymers, which deliver a slick, slippery feel to hair products, but play no part in nourishing your hair. There is also synthetic fragrance, which can be toxic, and dye, as well as a few other ingredients. Yes there is Argan oil in there (6th ingredient), which is why it is called Moroccan Oil.

Argan Oil is typically from either Morocco or other countries in Africa. It comes from the Argan fruit. It is high in Oleic Acid, which gives it its richness. Other oils that are high in Oleic acid are: rosehip, olive, Marula, and Camellia.  Argan oil is good for very dry, mature skin. It’s not so good for oily skin because it could block your pores.

As far as hair care is concerned, it’s a good oil for taming frizz and frazzled locks. Although use it sparingly and never near your scalp.

Make sure that you wash your hair at least 4 times a week if you are using oils, because they attract dirt.

Does Argan oil nourish your hair? Not really – it’s more of a cosmetic oil, in the sense that it tames your frizz and dryness, but unlike coconut oil, it cannot penetrate the cuticle of your hair. This is why I always use coconut oil in my hair masks.

DIY Moroccan Oil

In my recipe, I am choosing to use just 2 main  ingredients in place of the many that you see in the brand name, Moroccan Oil. I am using a high quality Argan oil, and a little vegetable glycerin in place of the synthetic polymers.



Pour all the ingredients into the bottle. Shake well. Shake before using.

To use: Drop a 3 or 4 drops onto your fingers before smoothing through the lower third of your hair.


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