DIY Edible Pearl Beauty Butter

DIY Edible Pearl Beauty Butter
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My daughter is always showing me really cool things that are trending on social media. And the latest was an edible beauty butter. It’s “beauty” because it contains adaptogens (super foods that help your body adapt to stress), and pearl powder. Pearl powder is interesting – it’s been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for beautification. Its purportedly a total elixir for gorgeous skin, hair and nails. Pearl powder is not strictly vegan, but some vegans still use it. You just need to make sure it comes from a reliable and sustainable source. The reason why I wanted to DIY this was because I realized that I could add in any super foods that I fancied – and I have quite a lot of them hanging around in my pantry! I did a bunch of taste tests, and my two favorite are the Matcha Honey and the Beautiful Berry. Both taste like white chocolate:)

The base is coconut butter or coconut “manna” which is whipped up from dried coconut flesh. So, unlike coconut oil, there is tons of fiber, which makes it a whole food. It does still contain saturated fat, so should be eaten as a special treat.

For the Matcha, I used Jade Leaf Matcha culinary Matcha powder, which is the best!

For the Beautiful Berry, I used Miracle Reds super food powder. This stuff is insane because it tastes so good. It also adds the gorgeous color to your butter.

I got my Pearl Powder from Moon Juice. It’s pricey, but you only need a tiny bit, and it will keep for months. I also found one I like the look of, which is less expensive, from Raw Vegan Living.

I used Manuka Honey in the Matcha recipe because of its powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, but you could also use a vegan honey, or even a couple of drops of Stevia. The vanilla one would be lovely.

Pearl Beauty Butter


16-ounce mason jar (or jam jar)

16 ounces of coconut manna

1 tsp of Matcha powder or 2 tsp of Miracle Reds

1 tsp of honey or 2-3 drops of stevia

1 tsp of pearl powder


Warm the manna in the microwave for about 40 seconds. If you don’t have a microwave (or don’t want to use one), you could warm in a double boiler. You just need to get it really soft.

Place it in a mixing bowl

Add the remaining ingredients, and use an immersion blender or a sturdy whisk to whisk it up really well.

Pour into your mason or jam jar.

It will set at room temperature. I recommend storing it in a dark, cool cabinet. It will keep for up to 3 months. If you want it softer for pouring onto granola, just pop it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds

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