DIY disinfecting wipes
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As an alternative to all those bleach-infused wipes, I wanted to create a simple recipe, which everyone can make at home. Those wipes are convenient, and so are mine! Actually, mine are more convenient because you keep on re-using, no more trips to the store. And you get to save money.

The benefits and use: This is a non-toxic, highly effective anti-bacterial wipe, which will wipe away germs without compromising your health.

Note that the bleach wipes that you can buy are harmful to the environment, and can compromise the health of babies, kids, and those with weakened immune systems.

Money saving: 4 dollars because typically the bleach wipes will cost you about 5 – 6 dollars, whereas this recipe costs under a dollar. Note that the essential oils are a one-time investment. Each bottle will last you for at least a year, and has multiple uses.



I recommend purchasing your essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs.

  1. Pour the liquids into the container.
  2. Fold the towels into quarters and stack them into the container – they will soak up the liquid.
  3. Use on all surfaces in the kitchen to disinfect. If you are using a paper towel, discard after each use. If you are using a bamboo towel, simply rinse under hot water and place back into your cleaning solution.

Bathroom Wipes:

You can also create a fancier bathroom wipe by using a Mason/cookie jar and inexpensive face cloths (as in the image). The solution recipes is exactly the same. If you are using the face cloths, you can place it back in the solution to disinfect after using. But I would toss in the laundry after you’ve used each face cloth about 3 times.


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