DIY Antibacterial Hand Soap & Body Wash

DIY antibacterial hand soap and body wash
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I detest all the “anti bac” products that you can buy at the drugstore because most of them contain chemicals, which are harmful to our body, and the environment. It’s so very easy to make your own, and by doing this you get to save a lot of money. This is why I always make my DIY Antibacterial Hand Soap & Body Wash.



You can either add the oils directly to the castille soap bottle, and shake well. Or you can buy a pretty dispenser and transfer from the castille soap bottle. Simply keep it in your shower and shake well before each use.

1 thought on “DIY Antibacterial Hand Soap & Body Wash”

  1. Is it 8 drops of each oil, or 8 drops total?
    I guess the wording kinda sounds like each…
    Also, does it have to be jojoba? cause that’s the most pricey… I have sweet almond and/or apricot, would either of those be okay?

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