Natural DIY Air Freshener

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Conventional air fresheners are the absolute worst when it comes to toxicity – so avoid at all costs! You can so easily make your own powerful spray to deal with all kinds of unpleasant odors. Here’s one of my recent favorites.

You will need:


Simply fill your sprayer with 1 1/2 cups water and 1/2 cup of vodka. Add 30 drops of both essential oils.

If you go with a smaller 8-ounce bottle, just half all the ingredients.

8 thoughts on “Natural DIY Air Freshener”

  1. I love the idea of using essential oils to make my own products, but I’m always leery of buying them because, well, after I use my 30 drops or whatever, what do I use the rest of it for? And what’s the shelf life? It would probably take a long time to use up a bottle of this recipe, and by then, would my oils still be good?

    1. Hi Jo
      Here’s the thing – essential oils last for years if stored in a cool, dark cupboard. The shelf life of things like the air freshener is a year, but the oils you buy can be used for multiple recipes and, as I say – last for a minimum of two years.

  2. Can we use other essential oil to our preference for this recipe our would you say that the essential oils suggested are the best to use as air freshener?

    1. you can use other oils but I really think these ones are the one’s best suited to deal with unwanted odors!

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