5 Easy Green Tips For A New Mom

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Becoming a Mom made me jump head first into the green space. I had been concerned about the toxins in our environment for years, but it wasn’t until I became pregnant, that it really hit home: I am about to bring a tiny human being into the world and she won’t have clean air, food and water! This realization bought about years of in-depth research, which led me to realize that they actually is an awful lot we can to to minimize our baby’s exposure to environmental toxins. But where does a new mommy start? Here are my top 5 easy green tip for a new mom to ensure she is doing the best she can.

  1. Get rid of household cleaners that aren’t truly green and natural. There is a TON of green washing in the green cleaning product category, so you need to know what you are buying. I recommend Baby Ecos because this wonderful line is the real deal. It’s especially important for laundry detergent, and bottle soap.
  2. Go green in the diaper department. Your choices are to cloth diaper, use biodegradable “green” diapers (careful of green washing  here too), or you could go for my favorite diaper company, gdiapers, which their flushable/disposable inserts. Plus the little diaper covers are too adorable for words!
  3. Go fragrance-free! So many baby products from diaper pail bags, to shampoos are heavily scented with a synthetic “baby” scent. The problem is that this fragrance may contain over one hundred different chemicals and thus isn’t the smartest thing to slather your baby with, or have in her/his nursery. The baby doesn’t care for that scent, so let them breathe clean air, or scent the nursery with a little pure lavender or chamomile oil in a cold air diffuser.
  4. Ditch the plastic: I knoooooooww – everything is plastic, and now there’s all the heavily-marketed BPA-free plastic for babies, but even the BPA-free resin might contain other estrogenic chemicals that could potentially leach. Play safe and go with glass wherever possible for bottles and food storage.
  5. Go organic. It may be optional for adults to choose whether to eat organic food or not, but due to the size of their tiny developing bodies, I think all babies should be fed 100% organic food. The only exceptions I would make would be avocados and banana, which are both on the Clean 15 list.

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