10 Top Detox Foods with Nutritionist Elissa Goodman

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Today, I’m talking about the 10 Top Detox Foods with Nutritionist Elissa Goodman (http://bit.ly/2DXch27). Elissa is absolutely incredible, and I so encourage you to check out her amazing Soup Cleanse (http://bit.ly/2GUZiBq).
When it comes to detoxing, there are no one-size-fits-all, and that’s why I’ve created a FREE cheat sheet on how The Rules Of Detoxification (how to do it right). Grab it here: https://discover.sophieuliano.com/sf/8b0a722c

Detox Food #1 – Dark leafy greens (juice or smoothie)
Detox Food #2 – Raw Beets
Detox Food #3 – Cruciferous veggies
Detox Food #4 – Cranberries
Detox Food #5 – Wild blueberries
Detox Food #6 – Flaxseed (I made a great video about flax, you can check it out here: http://bit.ly/2SNp1mi)
Detox Food #7 – Water with lemon
Detox Food #8 – Glutathione (https://www.essentialgsh.com/order.html)
Detox Food #9 – Innate Response Detox Supplement (https://amzn.to/2SfY05G)
Detox Food #10 – Probiotic (https://seed.com/)
Detox Food #11 – Magnesium (https://amzn.to/2tvZHCs)

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