10 Natural Anti-Aging Tips To Get Clear & Glowing Skin

10 natural anti-aging tips for clear & glowing skin
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What can you do to stave off some of those pesky signs of aging? Yep, we’re all going to age no matter what, that’s entirely natural. But no one wants to look old before their time, right? This is why I created my 10 Natural Anti-Aging Tips To Get Clear & Glowing Skin blog and video.

Here’s the thing: There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to visible signs of aging. Everyone has a different “skin age.” Your skin’s age is largely dependent on your inner age. You can be blessed with genetically great skin, but if your insides are aging, you won’t have clear & glowing skin. That’s why you need to pay attention to my 10 natural anti-aging tips!

Most of my 10 natural anti-aging tips are about what we can do halt the ticking clock from the inside out. I’m a science nerd, and I’m a board-certified nutritionist. I LOVE a serum, but I need to know that my lifestyle and skin care choices have been proven to express my better genes! I have spent years studying this, and that’s why I include lifestyle changes as well as skin care tips in my 10 natural anti-aging tips

You’re going to hear me talk an awful lot about gene expression and epigenetics. It’s the new frontier of medicine, and it very much applies to the topic of anti-aging. The biggest takeaway as far as my 10 natural anti-aging tips is concerned, is this: Your lifestyle choices can turn on or off the genes that can potentially keep you looking young. This might sound farfetched, but think about it. If lifestyle choices can turn off and on the gene for diabetes or Alzheimer’s (which they can), why not for the deeper mechanisms of aging?

So, let’s get started with my 10 Natural Anti-Aging Tips For Clear & Glowing Skin.

  1. Quit sugar and fried foods: Have you heard of glycation end products? I write about them extensively in my book, Gorgeous For Good. They are proteins in your skin that have become twisted and brittle. Glycation end products lead to prematurely aged skin. What causes them? Sugar and food that is cooked at a very high temperature. So, quit sugar, and deep fried foods ASAP.
  2. Adopt a whole food, plant-based diet: Numerous studies now prove that a primarily plant-based diet can add years onto your life. It’s the one diet that’s proven to prevent and even reverse disease. If it works so powerfully on your insides, this will be 100% reflected in your skin. If you are considering transitioning to a plant-based diet, I highly recommend my upcoming 31-day Plant Powered Challenge. Women who have been through this challenge have seen remarkable results as far as weight-loss and clear skin are concerned.
  3. Quit alcohol or dial it down: Even three alcoholic drinks per week can increase your risk of breast cancer by 15%. Since we’re talking about health from the inside out. This is serious stuff. And it shows in your skin too. Look around you. As we get older, we are less able to metabolize alcohol. This is why older women’s faces tend to look red and puffy after a couple of glasses of wine. Ditch the alcohol if you want clear and glowing skin.
  4. Regularly detox: I know that the idea of a “detox” sounds a big overwhelming. Moreover, it’s a dirty word because it’s so overused. However, making sure that you detox your environment of potential toxins is very important as far as aging is concerned. I also recommend learning about how to support your organs of detoxification. I created a FREE Overnight Detox Cheatsheet – get it now!
  5. Practice yoga regularly: As a yoga teacher, I know that this kind of exercise is one of the most anti-aging practices you can adopt. It not only tones and stretches your body, but you learn controlled breathing. Yoga breathing ignites your prana (life force). This makes you literally glow from the inside out. Find a good yoga teacher today, who emphasizes Pranayama (breathing). This will help you to get clear and glowing skin.
  6. Meditate: Out of all my 10 Natural Anti-Aging Tips To Get Clear & Glowing Skin, meditation is the most important. Learning to meditate not only minimizes stress, but you tap into your inner light. This might sound new-agey, but go look at someone who practices daily meditation! They look younger.
  7. Use Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the very few skin care ingredients that is proven to help reduce visible signs of aging. This is why I have used it everyday for the past 10 years, and wish I’d known about it earlier! I started to get clear & glowing skin when I added Vitamin C to my daily regimen. I recommend a budget-friendly product, which won’t cause any kind of skin irritation: goPure Vitamin C Moisturizer.
  8. Use retinol: Retinol reigns king when it comes to thickening your skin as you age. Our skin thins out, especially after menopause. Retinol also helps diminish fine lines. It helps to give you clear & glowing skin. Again, it’s one of the few ingredients that is backed by evidence-based science in terms of its efficacy. I recommend gopure Retinol Facial Cream. It’s budget friendly!
  9. Use rosehip seed oil: Rosehip seed oil has a lot of great studies behind it, showing that it can help with skin conditions such as stretch marks and scarring. I like to add it into my daily anti-aging regimen.
  10. Eat flax: Not only does flaxseed help protect you against breast cancer, but it can also helps to give you clear & glowing skin by adding moisture to the skin barrier. I recommend adding 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed to your daily smoothie, oatmeal, cereal, or smoothie bowl. I cannot live without my flaxseed. I literally travel with bags of it!

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