10 Natural Anti-Aging Tips To Get Clear & Glowing Skin

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I get asked about anti-aging all the time. “Are there products to nix my wrinkles?” “What ingredient will make my skin glow again?” Here’s the thing: There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to visible signs of aging.

Everyone has a different “skin age.” Your skin’s age is largely dependent on your inner age. You can be blessed with genetically great skin, but if your insides are aging, you won’t have clear & glowing skin. That’s why you need to pay attention to these 10 tips. Most of my 10 natural anti-aging tips are about what we can do halt the ticking of the clock from the inside out. I’m a science nerd, and I’m a board-certified nutritionist. I need to know that my lifestyle and skincare choices have been proven to express my better genes! Your lifestyle choices can turn on or off the genes that can potentially keep you looking young. This might sound farfetched but think about it. If lifestyle choices can turn off and on the gene for diabetes or Alzheimer’s (which they can), why not for the deeper mechanisms of aging?

1) Quit sugar and fried foods!

2) Adopt A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet! I highly recommend my upcoming 31-Day Plant-Powered Challenge – click here to be the first to know when registration is live // http://bit.ly/2Tmgu6b Women who have been through this challenge have seen remarkable results as far as weight-loss and clear skin are concerned.

3) Quit alcohol or dial it down!

4) Regularly Detox! I created a FREE Overnight Detox Cheatsheet – get it now // http://bit.ly/2DJekrJ

5) Practice Yoga Regularly!

6) Meditate!

7) Use Vitamin C! I recommend a budget-friendly product, which won’t cause any kind of skin irritation: goPure Vitamin C Moisturizer // bit.ly/2ztO16e

8) Use retinol! I recommend goPure Retinol Facial Cream // http://bit.ly/2UzFfMv. It’s budget-friendly!

9) Use rosehip seed oil! I love goPure’s because it is so cost-effective // http://bit.ly/2AxgVSP

10) Eat flax! I recommend adding 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed to your daily smoothie, oatmeal, cereal, or smoothie bowl.

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