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Perfect C Pro Speed Peel by MyChelle

Ok, I’m only going to say this one time: Hurry up and get on the Vitamin C train. If you’re worried about aging skin, sun spots, even wrinkles and you DON’T have Vitamin C in your routine, you’re not serious about skincare. And the Perfect C Pro Speed Peel by MyChelle is DEFINITELY the way to go. (If you actually need more convincing about Vitamin C, read this before proceeding).

At 10% L-Ascorbic acid, this product is a professional peel (that means potent). It works in just 1 minute to renew, brighten and rejuvenate. And get this: It’s formulated with a 25% pure citrus fruit puree – FABULOUS for skin that needs a boost. I love this product because it truly is a one-and-done system. Just 60 seconds and you’ll wake up to brighter, firmer, more youthful looking skin.

I think of this product as an exfoliating treatment, more than a peel (which honestly can sound a little scary). It’s effective and safe – And for those who may not be worried about aging skin: My brand manager has been using this peel to combat hormonal breakouts and is seeing incredible results.

So, here’s how I use it: This product is for nighttime only (sunlight after use would be too harsh for your lovely skin). Once a week, after my nighttime cleansing routine, apply a thin layer to your face, avoiding the eyes and sensitive/irritating skin. AND THEN I SET A TIMER (this is important, because if you get distracted like I do, you’ll forget and leave it on for waaaay too long). My skin usually tingles while I use it, but it’s actually quite pleasant. Rinse with cool water, and let your skin calm down (mine is usually a little red after a treatment.

PS – The Perfect C Pro Speed Peel by MyChelle won my pick for Best Peel in the 2016 Gorgeously Green Beauty Awards. You can view all the winners here.

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