Working With Brands

I love working with brands to create organic, authentic, eye catching content across all of my platforms. Having created literally hundreds of segments for broadcast television and countless pieces of digital content, my strength is seamlessly integrating products that I am passionate about into content that stands the test of time. And, most importantly, is interesting to readers the world over. I work with brands who share similar values to my own: ethical, sustainable, non-toxic, and that serve only to enhance long term health and wellness.

“Sophie is a constant pleasure to work with and displays a keen understanding of the products and brands she aligns with. She holds an unparalleled ability to relate to her audience and share her unique tips and recommendations. With a welcoming demeanor and savvy outlook, Sophie embodies the key attributes of a brand spokesperson.”
La Force Stevens, NY

There are many different ways in which we can work together. If interested, please connect with team Gorgeously Green here.