Top Tips For Better Sleep

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In honor of Day Light Savings Time, and adjusting our clocks to spring forward, I wanted to take some time today to talk about healthy sleep. A healing night’s sleep means that you need to get approximately eight hours, which is easier said than done for many. Menopause, anxiety, allergies, sleep apnea, and a plethora of other conditions might prevent you from getting the sleep you need for your body to heal.

#1 – Get rid of electronics in your bedroom. No phones, TVs, tablets or computer screens. And replace your bedside clock with a Now & Zen alarm clock []

#2 – Invest in a great air purifier, such as the Intellipure, which I’m obsessed with

btw, my pajamas (not the robe) are from Coyuchi. And the robe was a gift from my Mum in the UK:)

#3 – Try a melatonin supplement. I like the Melatonin Sleep by Natrol [] – I take 5 or 10 mg about 20 minutes before going to bed, and never wake up groggy. In my experience, Melatonin helps to soothe the “falling asleep” process!

#4 – Get great sheets. For me, lovely, clean, fresh sheets make the “falling asleep” process so much more luxurious. Check out the sets by Bamboo Sheet Shop [] – I love the bed in the bag option!

#5 – Replace your eReader with a real book, particularly ones about meditation to help you get into the restful sleep phase!

#6 – Make a DIY Linen Spray (here’s the recipe:

#7 – Try a lavender comfort bag [, or DIY it] that you can either freeze or put in the microwave.

#8 – Try the H. Gillerman Muscle Remedy – It’s a favorite of mine!

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