Sunscreen vs Sunblock | Sun Protection Skin Care 101 For All Skin Types

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I cannot overstate the importance of sun protection and skincare. Sun damage is not only dangerous, but it is the top contributor to aging skin. So let’s put some energy into protecting our gorgeous skin!! There’s a big difference between a sunscreen and a sunblock. A sunscreen is typically a synthetic chemical-based product that filters the UVA/B rays. A key ingredient is often OXYBENZONE, which I try to avoid. Sunblock, on the other hand, generally uses minerals as the active ingredient: Zinc oxide or titanium oxide (which are both naturally occurring). My recommendation: Look for non nano zinc oxide.

Remember, don’t think an SPF 30 is giving you twice the protection of an SPF 15 because (and this is approximate), an SPF of 15 filters 93.3% of UVB radiation, SPF 30 filters 96.7% and SPF 45 filters 97.8%


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