Speaking, presentations and pop-up retreats - Sophie Uliano

Speaking, presentations and pop-up retreats

Ever since the launch of my first book, Gorgeously Green, on The Oprah Winfrey Show, I have had the enormous pleasure of speaking and presenting at conventions, conferences and events across the globe. Topics include: 6 Easy Steps To Holistic Wellness, Simple Lifestyle Changes for Disease Prevention and Happiness, Your Wellness Bank Account, How To Transition To A Plant-Based Diet, and Gorgeous For Good in 8 Easy Steps. My absolute passion is to engage, inspire and serve large groups of women and men. Laughter, accessibility, and connection are my hallmarks.

We can also bring the Gorgeous For Good experience to you! My team and I will customize a Gorgeous For Good day, or lunch & learn experience for your brand or organization, including seminars, workshops and interactive wellness experiences.

If you are interested in booking me as a speaker, presenter or pop-up retreat, please contact us here.