How to shop for healthy bread

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Listen up everyone – I know that we as 21st century consumers are very used to buying bread. BUT IT DIDN’T USE TO BE THIS WAY!! Bread has become the victim of commercialization. And in the process of mass-production, cost-efficiency and preserving, our lovely grains have become the victim. Trust me when I say this: You only need 4 ingredients in your bread. Anything else is just, plain UNHEALTHY.

So, what are the magical 4 ingredients? Flour, water, salt and a starter. That’s it. That’s all you need.

This week, I’m sharing some amazing videos all about how to be the master of your own loaf … er … domain. Learn to make bread, because a wizard in the kitchen, and reclaim your health!!

I want to give a special shoutout to Dr. JJ Levenstein for lending her amazing knowledge of bread and bread making to this video. To learn more about Dr. JJ and her incredible work, you can check out here.

And you can learn more about Blvd Kitchen (where we filmed this video) here. They offer classes for bakers of all ages in the Los Angeles area, definitely check them out!

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