Wine Country Botanicals Perfume Rollerball Collection

Wine Country Botanicals Perfume Rollerball Collection

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I don’t even know where to start with this review, except to say, it’s all glowing. The Wine Country Botanicals Perfume Rollerball Collection is truly an incredible product, and I cannot wait to tell you more. 

But first, let me indulge you in a story. Last year, I was walking to the Indie Beauty Expo Los Angeles on the hunt for the newest, coolest, most amazing new products on the market. And like a month drawn to a flame, I was pulled to the Wine Country Botanicals table display. There I met Nicole, the founder and formulator at Wine Country Botanicals. Nicole has one of the most interesting founder stories I’ve heard in a very long time. And it all comes back to the name: Wine Country Botanicals. Nicole is a vintner and winemaker by trade. She spent years of her life formulating the best blend of grapes varietals to create truly amazing Northern California wine. And when she became interested in the essential oils later in life, she brought her expertise in blending to her newest creations. 

Wine Country Botanicals is based on expert formulations made with top-shelf ingredients to create meaningful, wonderfully-well-rounded, life-changing products. And Nicole has created a line that is stellar from top to bottom. Wine Country Botanicals is based around 3 scent profiles: the SONOMA (Relax) to promote sleep, the SANTA BARBARA (Rejuvenate) to give energy and the NAPA (Renew) helps with stress. And each of these scent profiles is featured in amazing products including hand soap, lotions, scrubs and of course, rollerball blends. 

The Perfume Rollerball Collection is stunning. You’ll receive one rollerball of each scent profile to enjoy and layer throughout the day. Each scent profile has lavender at the base because lavender has such far-reaching health benefits, and pairs wonderfully with other scents. I am obsessed with Napa, which features lavender, rose and neroli (think light, floral and sweet). And Nicole told me that Sonoma (lavender, bergamot, and sandalwood) is a favorite with male clients (if you’re looking for a gift for the men in your life). Santa Barbara is my new afternoon pick-me-up because I love the scent of lavender, mandarin, and rosemary together. 

I use these rollerballs throughout the day on my wrist and temples. Though, I will say the scent lasts a long time (unlike other roll-on scents). Nicole uses jojoba as a base, which carries these oils wonderfully! 

I cannot compliment the Wine Country Botanicals Perfume Rollerball Collection. This is the perfect gift for an essential oil lover in your life or a gift to yourself! Click the button below to learn more, and to shop the Wine Country Botanicals collection today!