When Beauty Masks

When Beauty Masks

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So, Indie Beauty Expo was in January – I love this expo. It is my favorite place to find new brands, to check out new trends, and to basically connect with the beauty world. And I’m so excited to say, When Beauty Masks were one of my favorite finds this year. This is Gorgeously Green’s first foray into Korean Beauty, and I’m so excited to tell you more about When Beauty Masks.

Here’s the skinny: When Beauty Masks are so innovative. I have to admit, I’ve kind of cooled on paper masks. Yes, they’re brilliant for on the go. Yes, you’ll 100% see me wear one on an airplane (much to my family’s chagrin). But at home, they’re a little messy, right? Serum inevitable drips, there’s always product left in the packaging … they can just be a hassle.

NOT SO WITH WHEN BEAUTY MASKS! First of all, instead of using paper, they use biocellulose, so the mask sticks perfectly to your face (seriously contours to every curve), and they’re biodegradable once your done. Perfect.

But the real magic of When Beauty Mask is in the application. Today, I’m jazzed about three When Beauty Masks in particular.

Their 10:00 PM Sheet Mask is brilliant. Formulated with Vitamin C, Lipopene, and watermelon extracts rich with animo acids and skin firming hydrolyzed collagen, this mask is designed to help your skin cells multitask while you sleep. This is the mask that I’m going to bring to slumber parties for the rest of my life. The serum is not sticky, it leaves your face feeling so moisturized and refreshed!

How, here’s where things get exciting. When Beauty also has a mask that’s specifically for your neck! The Youth Recharger for Neck is an aging woman’s dream come true, because no matter how well you take care of your face, your neck will (usually) show your age. When Beauty created a formula and mask design that combats that reality head on. Wear this When Beauty mask like a collar, and enjoy the brightening and anti-aging effects.

And now, for my favorite find: The Beauty and the Breast. Yes, you read that right – a breast mask. This is what first attracted me to When Beauty. This is so innovative, I just can’t get enough. Think of this as the body care you’ve always wanted for your décolletage and breasts. Brightening, firming, anti-aging and hydrating, these masks really stick on to keep your skin looking youthful.

So, as always, I want to remind everyone what “green skincare” exists on a spectrum. I’d say When Beauty masks are light green in terms of ingredients, but absolutely top of the line in terms of innovation.

Click the link below to shop their collection now!