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If you are on the lookout for a really unique BB cream, you might want to check out Total Eclipse BB Cream by Sunshine Botanicals. The formulator, Emily Fritchey, calls it a “souffle” because it’s so increcibly light. It is a true combo of a treatment, foundation and weightless moisturizer, with just the right amount of color. The shade will blend into practically any skin tone.

Because it doesn’t contain fragrance, dye, or any other potentially inflammatory ingredients, it is also great for anyone who suffers from acne or Rosacea. I recommend everyone try this cream for everyday light coverage that works.

If you have a tendency to break out, or if you have sensitive/inflamed skin, this might be the perfect BB cream for you because it won’t clog your pores, and contains no alcohol, perfume, dye, or any other synthetic chemical.

There should be a long line of women on a waiting list (and perhaps soon will be,) for this outstanding facial sunblock/BB cream – Total Eclipse by Sunshine Botanicals. It’s actually neither a traditional sunblock, or a BB cream because it’s different in texture than anything I’ve ever tried. Also, I will say that a lot of known-brand BB creams contain a plethora of horrid and useless ingredients, and don’t in anyway perform the multiple actions they’re supposed to. So always read the ingredients to make sure you avoid ingredients such as mineral oils and parabens, and instead look for pure essential oils, and recognizable anti-oxidants.

The reason why I possibly can’t live without this BB cream is its light souffle-like texture effortlessly smooths onto my skin leaving it completely protected, infused with potent anti-oxidants, and primed and perfectly ready for makeup application. It also contains a bunch of anti-inflammatory ingredients, which insures me against any potentially pesky break-outs. Snap up a jar because I’m going to be shouting about this from the hilltops!

This is a 5-star BB cream that works for all skin types, giving an airbrushed finish, while protecting yours from the sun’s harmful rays (sun protection factor 25-30).