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Thoughtfully Magazine is an absolutely beautiful magazine, which you can enjoy in either a print or digital format. It is created with love by women for women, and focuses on living life mindfully, holistically, and with deep intention. Each magazine is honestly like a beautiful coffee table book, and as much as I want NOT to use paper, the print version is simply stunning.

The current issue (Issue 10) is a celebratory issue, celebrating their 3 year anniversary. It is entirely focused on self-care and wellness, and I am honored to be featured!

I’ve gotta be honest, I’m no longer a huge magazine girl. I might flip through a couple at the hair salon or airport, but they tend to be so thin in content, and so unsubstantial design and otherwise. But when I first spotted a Thoughtfully Magazine near the cashier in a Whole Foods Market two years ago, its gorgeous design stood out. I purchased a copy and have been a subscriber ever since.

Being in my community, where I talk consistently and daily about wellness and self-care, I figured you’d probably want to explore this magazine too.

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