The Essential Facial Cleanser by Bogavia

The Essential Facial Cleanser by Bogavia

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I think that every adult woman (and probably every young woman too!) should have a seriously gorgeous, clean, functional cleanser in their routine. Yes, it’s always fun to experiment with new products, but having a faithful, trusty cleanser is the true foundation of a great skincare routine. And for me, that cleanser is the Essential Facial Cleanser by Bogavia.

There are so many things I love about this cleanser, so let’s start with the ingredients. Aloe vera, coconut oil, sea kelp, willow bark, and calendula come together in the signature Bogavia blue bottle to create a cleanser that is both gentle and purifying. It’s also fragrance-free, which is a HUGE win in my book. I love the natural scent of the ingredients!

Now, get this: The Essential Facial Cleanser by Bogavia is non-foaming, which means that the ingredients are going to dig deep without stripping your skin of its natural oils to gently lift dirt and debris. This cleanser is designed to maintain your natural moisture, gently cleanse, and leave your skin radiant and supple.

I think of this as a detoxifying cleanser. Not only are the ingredients perfect for a skin reset (jojoba, sesame, sunflower seed, and sandalwood oils – yes please!), but it’s perfect for removing making and kickstarting your evening (or morning) skincare routine.

Here’s how I use this cleanser: I lightly dampen my skin (either in the shower, or with a warm washcloth), and I apply the cleanser to my face. Working in upwards, circular motions, I massage the cleanser into my face, neck, and chest for about 1-2 minutes – I’m really working this product over my skin using my fingertips. After massaging and removing the dirt and grime, I rinse thoroughly with warm water and move onto my serum!

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