SPF 25 Rose Tinted Face Sunscreen by Badger

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I’m sorry … Did I just hear you say that March is too early to be worried about sunscreen? Oh contraire mon petit frere – Take it from a former tanning junkie. You need the protection YEAR ROUND. So I’m totally urging all of you to reach for a good SPF, like SPF 25 Rose Tinted Face Sunscreen by Badger.

This product has so many pluses, it’s hard to know where to begin. We can start here: You’ve got broad spectrum protection from by UVA and UVB rays by non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide. And it goes on wonderfully smooth, and it’s absolutely non-greasy (which means it’s great if you’re going to apply makeup on top). And hey, if you’re worried about the formula clogging your skin, you can let that one go. It’s lab approved to be non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

The product also has a lovely tint to it (from iron oxides). I’ve run some personal tests on my beauty team, and it blends perfectly with almost every skin tone – Not a small feat. In fact, I like the tint so much that sometimes I forgo my regular makeup routine and use this moisturizer as the base to a “naked” face look. And the scent is to die for: Rose, lavender and chamomile are all sourced from essential oils.

Need some buzz words? How about Non-GMO, Cruelty free and Made in the USA?

And, it’s a great bargain. This tube lasted me about 4 months (using it on my face, neck, and upper chest), and it only costs $19.99. Doesn’t get an better than that!