Retinol Face Duo Kit by GoPure Naturals

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IF YOU’RE A FERVENT GORGEOUSLY GREEN READER, YOU CAN SKIP THIS PART! Because it’s all about why I love retinol, and why you need it in your skincare regimen, which I say all. the. time. It’s my personal skincare philosophy that everyone over 30 should use a good retinol product. Retinol products help to thicken your skin (which thins as you age), it stimulates collagen product, unclogs pores, stimulates cell turnover … All of which makes your skin smoother, thicker.  And, best of all, retinol use has a TON of research behind it. 

But, it’s critical that you’re using a good retinol product, because you may see side effects such as dry/peeling patches when you first use it (always build up to a retinol practice – Start using a product twice a week, and then build up as your skin sees improvement).

I’m totally into goPure’s Retinol Face Duo Kit, which contains the goPure Retinol Serum and the goPure Retinol Cream. This is literally the 1-2-punch of natural retinol. Each product is specially formulated to give your skin the complex retinol treatment you need to see meaningful results, while still being a gentle treatment.

And with awesome additionally calming ingredients such as witch hazel, organic green tea, Vitamins E and B, organic aloe, jojoba oil and shea butter, you’re still will feel pampered, nourished and loved while giving it the youthful zing it needs!

Here’s how I use it: A few times a week, I’ll start with a simple cleanser. Then I’ll apply a thin layer of the goPure Retinol Serum. After that dries on my skin, I’ll follow it up with the goPure Retinol Cream. I love that the serum doesn’t drip, and dries on the skin without zapping my skin of its moisture. And the cream leaves my face feeling so smooth!

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