Pogo Lip Balm

Pogo Lip Balm

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Pogo Lip Balm may be the most innovative product I’ve seen all year. I went to Indie Beauty Expo with the express purpose of finding products that are good for the environment, and I hit GOLD withPogo Lip Balm. I’m so excited to tell you more about this amazing brand, and howPogo Lip Balm is changing how we think about waste, recycling and beauty.

So, I want to start by painting a picture. Imagine a tube of chapstick. You probably have at least 3 lip balms between your purse, your car and your nightstand (I definitely have more than three … I admit it, I have a problem). Imagine all the plastic that goes into making that lip balm. I’m talking from processing the balm itself, to making the tubes (an incredibly wasteful process), to packaging (because rarely do I buy I chapstick without additional cardboard or plastic or mixed medium packaging), to shipping from the manufacturer to the store. You can see how just one, tiny pocket-sized product can make a huge impact. PLUS, have you ever thought about what happens to the tube of chapstick after you finish it (assuming it’s not lost somewhere)? Does it get recycled? CAN it be recycled?

Pogo Lip Balm takes the questions out of the whole process. Here’s the skinny: They’ve developed a fabulously chic, effortlessly practical, REUSABLE solution for lip balm.

There are two parts to a Pogo Lip Balm product:

  • The applicator is made from 100% recycled or post-consumer, ocean-bound plastic. That’s right, they’re actually capturing plastic that’s heading towards that HORRIBLE Pacific Garbage Patch, and reusing that plastic for good.
  • The refill is exactly what it sounds like! A unit (also made of recycled plastic, that snaps and twists into the applicator like a CHARM. There’s a demo of me using my POGO here!

Together these products make not only the best looking lip balm I’ve ever seen (my daughter is obsessed, I’ve had to buyPogo Lip Balms for her and her friends so they’ll stop stealing mine), but the balm WORKS! It feels great on your lips (or cuticles), and comes in flavors that are so lovable. I’m obsessed with Pacific Peach and Lemon Ginger Surprise, and there’s also Berry Reef, unflavored, Arctic Mint, and Vanilla Wave. And I just have to add,Pogo Lip Balm applicators come in amazing designs. Mine is black and gold, my daughter’s is while marble. So fabulous.

Want to take it one step further? POGO stands for Protecting Our Great Oceans. How amazing, right?

I had the chance to talk to thePogo Lip Balm team at IBE. Ken and Tristian are truly passionate about their work, and it shows in the pure innovation I’m seeing in this product. This could be the last lip balm applicator you ever buy, and to me, that’s incredible.

1 applicator and 2 refill sets start at $21.95, with refills running about $7.95. Click the link below to learn more!