Nakano Knives

Nakano Knives

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Whether you’re brand new to plant-based cooking or a total pro, there’s one kitchen tool you must have: A great knife. Sharp, functional knives make all the difference in the kitchen, and if you’re looking for something special to add to your toolkit, I highly recommend Nakano Knives.

These Japanese knives are stunning to look at and work with. With gorgeous wood handles and carbon steel blades, these knives make a statement in any kitchen. Plus, their performance is par-none. The blade stays sharp between uses (love), and they come in the perfect shapes for plant-based cooking.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying a few knives from Nakano. The Nakano 8-inch Chef Knife is a total must-have, in my opinion. I use it for everything from slicing garlic to breaking down heads of cauliflowers to parring potatoes. An all-purpose chef knife can go miles in my kitchen. I love the grip of the handle – it’s incredibly comfortable in my hand and I love the look of the Pakkawood. And, it is so simple to clean – I love that a good rinse with hot water and a quick scrub keeps this knife in gleaming condition.

If you’re looking for a knife set, I cannot stop talking about the Wooden Series Knife Set. This set comes with three knives – the Santoku Knife (an all-purpose, 7-inch knife), the Nakiri Knife (a vegetable knife), and the Gyuto Knife (which has a forward balance for strength). I love that this set comes in a gorgeous gift box (who wouldn’t want a set of Nakano Knives as a gift?), and cover every need in your kitchen.

And, if you’re looking for a splurge, get the Sharpening Whetstone. After years of taking my knives to different shops to be sharpened, I’ve finally learned how to use a whetstone for home maintenance. It’s so easy, and it keeps my Nakano knives in gorgeous shape.

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