Age Smart Kit Marie Veronique

Age Smart Kit

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Marie Veronique’s Age Smart Kit gets an A+ from me. For starters, I have always been a devotee of Marie Veronique. She is the Duchess of effective green skincare, and is one of the few formulators who I hold in very high regard. If you are trying her products for the first time, it makes a lot of sense to go with a kit because all her products work in synergistic manner – each product playing on the next.

In her Age Smart kit, you get a wonderful oil cleanser, a pre and pro-biotic spray, which will infuse your skin with the nutrients that it needs, her outstanding 7% Retinol serum (to be used nightly), and her rejuvenating night oil with oils that have been specially chosen to treat dry/mature skin.

The beautiful thing about this kit is that it deeply exfoliates your skin (by way of the Retinol action), but at the same time nourishes and moisturizes it, without adding heavy creams, which can really weight down your skin.

Remember when you use Retinol, added moisture is essential to stop your skin from drying out, and that is why the rejuvenating night oil contains all the Essential Fatty Acids that you need.