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I’m often a bit skeptical about a lip “volumizer” – after all, nothing short of full-on implants will turn a regular-lipped girl into Angelina Jolie, that being said, I think there’s a little something to Devita’s Lip Science Volumizer. As we get older, our lips do get annoyingly thinner. There’s also those pesky little vertical lines that appear above our upper lips. Granted, its not the end of the world, but a little help is always welcome. Many of the “lip-plumpers” out there just contain ingredients like menthol, which make your lips feel bigger because they tingle. Devita’s “volumizer,” however, contains all kinds of rather interesting ingredients including: Tripeptide (helps guard against collagen breakdown,) and sodium hyaluronate, which seriously hydrates. It also contains pomegranate, green tea, and a blend of ginger/mint essential oils.

You are supposed to apply it to your naked lips, and it gives them a nice opal shine, or you can apply a lipstick on top. Devita’s Absolute Lips are the most beautiful lipsticks. I’m quite obsessed with the Absolute Lips Nearly Nude – combo that with the volumizer and watch out Ms Jolie!

All Devita products are paraben-free and vegan.

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