Juice Beauty's Prebiotix for your microbiome

Juice Beauty’s Prebiotix For Your Microbiome

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When I first heard about  Juice Beauty’s Prebiotix for your microbiome, I was excited because Juice Beauty always hits the nail on the head. This is especially true when it comes to treating skin health from an entirely holistic perspective. Moreover, I was interested to see what the brand had come up with in the gut health department. And I’m not disappointed.

Juice beauty’s Prebiotix for your microbiome line comprises of two products that directly treat your microbiome. D0n’t forget that you have a microbiome all over your skin, as well as in your gut!

The Moisturizer

The moisturizer is pretty awesome Their new breakthrough technology manages to combine a patented fermentation technology with high-performance oils. The moisturizer is extremely lightweight, and absorbs instantly. If you have very dry skin and live in a dry climate like me, you might need layer with another  moisturizer. But for those who live in more humid conditions and/or have oily skin, this could be a perfect moisturizer for you. The stand-out ingredient for is  linseed oil (aka flaxseed oil), which has science behind it to prove its efficacy in terms of skin hydration. If you suffer from any kind of inflammation or acne, this might also be a really great choice for you.

The Ingestible

But the standout product in Juice Beauty’s Prebiotix for your microbiome line is their Prebiotix Antioxidant Beauty Boost. Taking care of your microbiome is a foundational to your wellness. Read more about it here. It’s a sachet of powder, so very portable, which you add to water and shake. It contains the perfect blend of prebiotics (that feed your good bacteria), probiotics (which replenish your gut with the good guys), antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It also contains the skin-loving Moringa plant. All told, it’s a wonderful blend for skin and gut health. It has a not-too-sweet berry flavor, which is delicious to sip throughout the day. It melts as soon as you add it to your water, turning it a pretty shade of pink berry.

Used in conjunction, Juice Beauty’s Prebiotix for your microbiome takes care of our microbiome inside and out. It’s a pretty genius combo. I’m sold.