goPure rosehip oil

goPure Rosehip Oil

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Rosehip Oil or Rosehip Seed Oil (the same) is non-greasy and a very light anti-aging oil. It’s said to be the new “coconut oil”, and thank goodness because coconut oil’s miraculous claims were verging on ridiculous! And, I wouldn’t rush to to rub coconut oil into my facial skin because it’s way too pore clogging, and doesn’t really confer any major anti-aging benefits. However Rosehip Seeds Oil is a different story because it really does have a lot of anti-aging super powers!

Rosehip Oil is usually harvested from the seeds of rose bushes in Chile. It is choc full of Vitamins, anti-oxidants, and essential fatty acids, which have found to be extremely helpful in dealing with stretch marks, scarring, and fine lines.

So much so, that a number of celebrities swear by it as a glow-booster. They think it’s better than a bunch of expensive creams, especially when used at night.

Rosehip Seed oil is also helpful with acne and eczema. However for all the good benefits, you oil should be cold-pressed so that it retains all the benefits, and ideally cold-pressed. This is why I love goPure’s Rosehip Oil: It is all of the above and at just $13.95 a bottle, extremely affordable. Stock up now!