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Oh wow – if you want to try something utterly life-changing, you might wanna consider a FLUIDSTANCE to add to your standing desk. Standing desk? Yes, I have officially switched to a standing desk because my neck and shoulders have started killing me. My chiropractor said that he sees patients with these same complaints every single day (that’s the business to be in, right?), because we sit for days on end with our faces craned in toward our computers, and this obviously causes issues. My lovely chiropractor explained that the weight of our head is ten pounds, and unless it’s sitting where it’s supposed to (ears lined up with shoulders), it will cause terrific neck strain. I realized that standing up helps to correct this postural imbalance, and stay good (see image below).



However, there’s an extra step to correct the whole shebang, and is where the FLUIDSTANCE comes in.

It’s a bit like a gorgeous mini-surfboard. The genius thing about it is that you naturally & easily find your perfect balance on it, and in doing so, find your perfect posture. When I am standing on the floor, I typically lock (hyper extend), my knees, which increases the sway in my low back – not a good thing. As a yoga teacher, I understand the importance of standing with a micro-bend in my knees, and my tailbone tucked under, shoulders back, chest open etc. The FLUIDSTANCE helps me to make all of these tiny adjustments without thinking about it too much.

The other thing I like about the FLUIDSTANCE board, after testing it out for 5 days, is that I don’t tire so easily standing up. I purchased a standing desk adjuster thing to turn my existing desk into a “standing” desk because of my shoulder/neck issue, but found that just standing on the floor did tire out my legs pretty quickly. On the FLUIDSTANCE I can gently rock from side-to-side or back and forth, which releases all the muscles in my legs and low back.

The board  comes in a little carry bag so that you can take it to and from your office I guess. You do need to set it on a carpet, rug or pad, as it won’t work on a hard surface such as hardwood or concrete. I placed mine of one of my dog’s sleeping pads, which works like a charm.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use it? If you have severe back pain or if you have a problem with balance, it might not work for you. If you have any physical issues of this kind, check with your doctor or physical therapist before using it.

Okay, I’m standing surfing on my board as I type right now! As a yogi, I love to use it with bare feet because I love to stretch my toes as wide apart as I can, and work on grounding all four corners of my feet into the board. However, you can wear tennis shoes, or any other comfy flat shoes that you normally wear to work. I am SO not surprised that many offices are buying these for all their workers because less time off for back pain, right?

Oh – and did I say the design is gorgeous, and comes in different colors. I have the blonde maple wood, which goes with my desk.