My Fave Essential Oil Diffuser

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I think that one of the best ways to enjoy the scent and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils is to diffuse them. With a cold-air diffuser, the oils maintain their integrity. My fave essential oil diffuser is by Organic Aromas. OMG – I am so glad I came across this beauty. Not only is it carefully crafted from hand-blown glass, but functionally-speaking, it’s the best one I’ve found to date because:

  • It works without water, which means that the oils aren’t diluted.
  • It creates a diffuses a steady stream of oil on a timer.
  • It’s gorgeous to look at unlike many of the plastic ones.
  • It’s beautifully constructed to last.
  • It’s silent
  • It uses very little energy.
  • It’s very easy to clean.

My point about it being very easy to clean is soooooooo important. I’ve had many diffusers and essential oil gizmos that have lasted less than a year because the tubes and inner workings get all stuck up with the sticky, oily residue. Conversely, my Organic Aromas diffuser simply requires that I run a little rubbing alcohol through the glass bulb every couple of week, and I’m done.

I highly recommend the Organic Aromas Explorer Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit. You get the gorgeous “Elegance” diffuser, and a wooden box containing 6 bottles of essential oils (two of which are my favorite blends). Keep in mind that these oils are organic, which makes this kit great value.

Every single person who has ever purchased one of these diffusers is beyond thrilled. If anyone you know loves essential oils, consider one of these as a Holiday gift:)