EVOLVh Smart Start Leave-In Conditioner

EVOLVh Smart Start Leave-In Conditioner

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Ah, hair care. It’s a topic that is a favorite in my community. And one that is near and dear to my heart. I could talk about hair ALL DAY! And, when you talk about hair around Gorgeously Green, you must talk about EVOLVh, which is a product line I absolutely love. And I am SO in love with their Smart Start Leave-in Conditioner.

Let’s talk about leave-in conditioner for just a moment. Years ago, when the public started to get serious about conditioning their hair, some people (usually those with frizzy, hard to manage, sometimes damaged hair) found some hair-care-relief by literally leaving some conditioner in their hair after washing. It improved manageability, styling, moisturizing, and shine. BUT! Leaving traditional conditioners in your hair during drying and styling didn’t work for everyone. So, a lighter, more concentrated leave-in market sprung to life. I remember using leave-in conditioners in my daughter’s hair when it was in that particularly tangled phase. But I never considered a leave-in conditioner for myself. Until recently, when some great strides have been made in the product field.

And I am SERIOUSLY in love with the EVOLVh Smart Start Leave-in Conditioner. I style my hair almost every day, using hot tools (a straightener, or curling iron, definitely a blow dryer). Smart Start Leave-In Conditioner is seriously an all-in-one product for my hair. It provides lift at the root for volume and bounce. It provides moisture and shine to nourish my strands even in the face of my styling techniques. It detangles for smooth brushing right out of the shower (so there are not as many stray strands in my brush – yes!). It eliminates frizz even on the driest of California days (and it works great in humidity, I test ran this while traveling). And, best yet, it provides UV protection for your hair while you’re out in the sun!

I just love how my hair is shiny and smooth immediately after using EVOLVh’s Smart Start Leave-In Conditioner. It feels great when I run my fingers through my hair, and it stays gorgeous for a long run, so I don’t have to wash-and-style my hair every single day.

Here’s how I use it: After a very thorough cleanse + condition in the shower, I step out and towel dry my hair. I spray my strands (including the roots and ends) with the EVOLVh Smart Start Leave-In Conditioner and let my hair continue to air dry for a few minutes. Then, I brush out the tangles, and style as usual, enjoying the MANY benefits from this leave-in conditioner!

A little tip: If you’re new to leave-in conditioning, start with just a little product in your hair! And, use the code SOPHIE15 at checkout for an additional discount!